Accelerating innovation by providing credit to the world’s emerging and underserved businesses


We believe that technology has created an explosion of new loan products and business models that are difficult for traditional institutional lenders to underwrite. Arc was founded to provide creative debt capital to finance innovative new products and businesses that are outside the scope of the banking system. As investors, we recognize the unique challenges that early-stage founders face in obtaining a flexible debt solution that is tailored to the needs of their business. We provide hands-on operational support in credit structuring, underwriting, risk management and loan servicing.


Aspire Financial Technologies

Aspire is a technology company focused on providing affordable loans to the 65 million small businesses in Southeast Asia.

Founders: Andrea Baronchelli, Giovanni Casinelli
Based in: Singapore



PayJoy provides pay-as-you-go smartphone financing to consumers who otherwise could not afford it via a proprietary locking software.

Founders: Doug Ricket, Gib Lopez, Mark Heynen, Tom Ricket
Based in: San Francisco



Creze is a technology-enabled lender that focuses on providing working capital loans to underbanked small and medium-sized businesses in Mexico.

Founders: Diego Creel & Gonzalo Cegarra
Based in: Mexico City, Mexico

This new funding line...will allow us to continue to grow as leaders in financial innovation for SMEs, which are, and will continue to be, the engine of the Mexican economy.
— Gonzalo Cegarra, CEO of Creze
As an early stage lender, Camino benefited from insights offered by Arc partners on adopting the appropriate reporting standards and best risk management practices. These insights have proven to be very valuable as we planned to raise capital from larger institutional investors in the future.
— Sean Salas, CEO of Camino Financial
Our partnership with Arc Labs signaled to Camino investors our ability to grow rapidly with institutional lending partners, resulting in the raise of $2 million in equity.
— Sean Salas, CEO of Camino Financial
Fundraising is truly one of the hardest aspects of our business. You need to find the right investor, and that is often not only one who is comfortable with our metrics... but also one that shares the company’s mission. We found that partner in Arc Labs and hope we can continue growing together and creating synergies for many years.
— Mauricio Cordero, General Manager, PayJoy Latin America


SecFi provides creative financing solutions to employees and shareholders of late-stage technology companies.

Founder: Wouter Witvoet
Based in: San Francisco, CA



Credijusto is a technology company focused on lending to the underserved and rapidly growing SME market in Mexico.

Founders: David Poritz & Allan Apoj Pascal
Based in: Mexico City, Mexico



Stilt provides loans to immigrant students and professionals in the U.S. that don't have a credit history.

Founders: Priyank Singh, Rohit Mittal
Based in: San Francisco, CA

Camino Financial

Camino Financial is an innovative community-based lender to underbanked Latino-owned small businesses in the United States.

Founders: Sean Salas & Kenny Salas
Based In: Los Angeles, California


Wired Investors

Wired Investors acquires and manages a portfolio of small cash flow positive web businesses.

Founders: Hayden Miyamoto, George Do, Deven Soni
Based in: San Francisco, CA


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